Apple Festival

A time honoured tradition in my part of the US is apple picking. This is where you go straight to the source and pick the apples yourselves. Or, you can at least go to the orchard and get some apples that are far superior to the store-bought crap and pick up some tasty donuts and cider as well (with that in mind, I’ll just plug Salinger’s Orchard as having some damn good apples).

Here in England, at least in the world I run in, they have the “Apple Festival” at Middle Farm just outside Lewes. There was no apple picking at this Farm on the day I went. Instead, there were rides, tasty food, some apples, but mostly cider and ales. Yummy! Dina and Adrian’s friend, Lou, plays in a country-type band and were part of the entertainment. I had the misfortune of coming down with a cold (which is still plaguing me two weeks later), but I refused to let it stop me from taking a trip to the country-side and enjoying myself. Probably a mistake since I’m only barely recovering now (and those of you who have been feeling sympathetic towards me for being sick might not be as inclined now).

One of the things I really appreciated about the day was being out of the city. I hadn’t left London in almost two months (since Paris), and it was really nice to be in a bus looking at the country go by and seeing some smaller locales around Lewes and Haywards Heath. Then, it was nice to just be outside in the not-too-chilly fall air and doing something that was just a little bit different. Some of the highlights:


This is Lou’s band. I’m blanking on their name now, but Dina can jump in and remind me. They were having fun, played a good set and it wasn’t totally surreal watching Brits play American bluegrass music 🙂


Yep, this is exactly what it looks like. It’s sheep racing. And yes, those are little jockey’s on their backs. Even better, Adrian and I picked the winning sheep and got some candy.


After a few drinks, we all figured it’d be a good idea to take one of the carnival rides that spin around a lot. This is our third time on the ride from my vantage-point.


This doesn’t help keep you sober. There’s a permanent store on the farm that has a very very large selection of ciders and ales. You get a small cup and are free to sample. And, inevitably, you buy some too. Very interesting to try so many ciders. I know so little about it and there really is a vast difference in all of these.


I’m certain this might be one of those pictures that’ll disqualify us from public office in the US, but we all look so happy here.

9 Responses to “Apple Festival”

  1. Mom Says:

    Is that Adrian bending over and barfing while you suck down another hard cider?

  2. Katy Says:

    Yay for sheep racing!

  3. dina Says:

    lou’s band are called the trucks. oh, that was such a happy day, except for the adrian barfing bit. ha, i never noticed that in the picture, that’s really quite funny!

  4. matt Says:

    Not only was there sheep racing, but there was also chicken racing. Sheep racing is much more photgenic, though.

    Adrian was ‘ill’? Must have been after we parted ways.

  5. dina Says:

    no, not really- it just looks like it in the pic of you tasting cider…

  6. Dave Says:

    Did they have the new iPods? What kind of Apple festival was this?

    Oh, wait…

  7. anne Says:

    Love the swing picture!!! that’s frame-able! Art, I say, Art!

  8. matt Says:

    That’s my new camera! I’m very happy with it so far. Still getting used to it, but it’s pretty nice.

  9. Mom Says:

    Is that Dina in the swing?