Chicago: Doomsday for Real?

So it seems like every year, the CTA does their usual song and dance in which they threaten to cut service to such a level no one could actually use it and raise fares so only someone who could afford a limo can pay. Then the legislature, instead of looking at the larger picture issues with funding, passes a stop-gap bill that pays for things, until next year.

Well, this year, it looks like the game has come to a head. In four days, if the legislature screws around some more, there will be major cuts to buses and massive fare increases. Hell, the fares in some situations rival Londons tube fares. Yikes!

Well, to all the lovely people in Chicago, I hope this goes the way it normally does. Personally, I think the CTA needs major work to run better, but they should get a shitload more funding. But I’m a huge fan of public transit and people need to remember that public transit is SUPPOSED to be subsidized and not make money. It’s an infrastructure cost that makes a city more liveable and desirable. And it more often benefits the people that might not be able to afford a car. Stop blowing money on highways and fix the trains!

3 Responses to “Chicago: Doomsday for Real?”

  1. Mac Says:

    Here here! I couldn’t agree more. After the recent debacle that was the Chicago Marathon, a transit cut would pretty much kill Chicago’s chances of hosting the 2016 Olympics. Personally, I think it’s a big conspiracy hatched by the auto makers.

  2. Mom Says:

    Not to mention killing the real estate market – YIKES!

  3. dina Says:

    for some reason, reading about everyday stuff like potential fare hikes makes me homesick.