I’m in Chicago!

Just a quick hello from Chicago. I’m not too horribly jet-lagged. Since I got here, I’ve had dinner at the Heartland Cafe and Carolyn and I went and did some volunteer gardening and the Ginkgo Organic Garden. I also got some nice coffee at my favorite coffee shop in Chicago. And my apartment is unsold but still looks good. Everything feels very much normal, which is nice, but a little odd since I’ve been gone for 4 months now. I didn’t have my camera handy, so I’ll need to start taking pictures later! 🙂

Best of all, I’ve been able to see Carolyn! It’s very nice to see her again after all these months.

7 Responses to “I’m in Chicago!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Sorry to be the first comment, but YEA!!!!!!

  2. melissa k. Says:

    ugh, please, you know it’s all about Intellegentsia coffee when in c-land

  3. Krista Says:

    Dude, I totally need more details on what you’re eating and drinking while you’re back in Chicago. I expect a full report on the number of Goose Islands consumed. And you totally must visit Hot Doug’s and take pictures for me. You can be a guest blogger on my site if you do it!

  4. matt Says:

    So I could guest blog if I go to Hot Dougs??? Oooooo. I have, remarkably, not had a single goose island! I’ve had plenty of good beer, but I keep ending up in places (the hopleaf, the map room, ETC) which have a crazy beer selection and goose island ends up getting the shaft.

    And melissa, metropolis can kick Intellegentsia’s ass any day 🙂

    i’ll actually post things very very soon. lots to write about and not enough time in the day.

  5. Mom Says:

    It’s time for you to pull an all-nighter to catch up on the postings that you keep promising us!! Ahem……..

  6. Melissa T. Says:

    I agree with your mom!!

  7. Mom Says:

    Thank you, Melissa! I’m glad someone does.