If I can’t watch a Cubs game, then the terrorists have already won!

Sorry I haven’t written anything lately. I now have a nice build-up of things to write, so let me start catching up with a current event. As I’m sure you’re aware, there was some sort of actual attempt to do some harm to people night-clubbing and tourists. First things first, Haymarket/Trafalgar Square are about 2 miles from my office and 4 miles from my flat. All good. Anyway, I’m sitting at work, the day is winding down and my coworker mentions that there’s a cubs game later. From what he’d heard two places in the city were going to be actually televising it. Alas, the better choice to watch the game near the Haymarket site. He and his wife are big Cubs fans and this was against the Brewers who are ahead on them in the standings. So, instead of just listening to the game, they wanted to watch it. With no other plans on a Friday, I decided to tag along.

Alas, our first choice (the one NOT on Haymarket) wasn’t really conducive to baseball watching. It was more of a cafeteria style place where, after an hour, we might feel awkward. So we decided to at least check out the other place. Well, we got near Piccadilly Circus and the place is teaming with people out and enjoying themselves. I don’t know for certain, but if something like this had happened in the US, I feel like people would be hiding in their houses. In London, people acknowledged it and then moved on. Easy enough.

Finally, we try cutting over to Haymarket and it’s totally cordoned off. Granted, it’s cordoned off by a single cop and the Polices catering services vehicle, but it’s closed off. We cut around hoping that the lower part of the street isn’t closed and lo and behold, there’s our bar, about 200 feet into the closed part of the street. Doh!

For those of you curious what a failed terrorist attack looks like here ya go:


A few reporters and some police tape (there were two cops to the right as well).

Anyway, after a large fiasco of trying to find food, we left the area entirely and went to Brick Lane for some Indian and beigels (i swear, I’ve seen it spelled that way!). Before some people start freaking out that I actually went smack into the center of this shit, in my defense, we made a very conscious effort not to do this, but we wanted to watch an American baseball game and drink MGD. In the end, not only did we not watch the game, but the Cubs won a thrilling come from behind victory. Doh!

If you want my theory, I’m putting my money on a right-wing hate crime kind of motive. In 1999, guy named David Copeland set off a number of nail bombs, one at a gay bar short distance away from where the first car was found. And, today (June 30) is the London Pride parade. Just a thought, though right-wing nutjobs and religious fanatics aren’t exactly that far apart in what they hate.
Coming up, more entertaining things like visitors from out of town and a comedy burlesque show. (Ooops! I was wrong! Hence I’m no pundit! 🙂 )

6 Responses to “If I can’t watch a Cubs game, then the terrorists have already won!”

  1. Mom Says:

    OMG – is that a “terrist” on the left of that photo talking to a reporter? (The terrist would be the one wearing a head covering, which, in the US would automatically require her to be detained at Gitmo.)

  2. Jed Says:

    “we wanted to watch an American baseball game and drink MGD.”

    didn’t you just call yourself a beer snob two posts ago? ha!

    (i kid because i love. and a shout out to mom of uncle matt!)

  3. Mom Says:

    Shouting right back at you, Jed!

  4. matt Says:

    Ok, I’m full of shit. If either of the places sold Guinness or some ale, I would have drunk that instead. One place had coors, but pints of it (that was going to be my choice, but we didn’t eat or drink shit whilst there). In the end, I drank faux-Indian beer and saw no baseball. 🙂

  5. Marty Says:

    Hey Matt, I googled “where to watch a cubs game in london” and came to your blog. I’m here in London myself for the next couple of months and would love to watch the cubbies play, you mentioned some place in haymarket to watch baseball, where is this at?

    Thanks (um, cheers),

  6. matt Says:

    Hi Marty. Glad to know this blog might be a little more useful than just my navel-gazing. The bar that was going to show the cubs game is called Sports Cafe. It’s on the bottom of Haymarket pretty close to Trafalger Square. Since it was closed that night, I can’t vouch for it being worth going to. Also, I’m not sure if it’s a regular occurrence (them showing the cubs). There was also a chain of barbecue joints called Bodean’s that also showed the game that night, but it wasn’t really a baseball watching kind of place. I can ask around for you to see how to check if and when they would be showing it. Hope you enjoy London!