The Map! It improves!!

So I’ve really been enjoying messing around with this whole google map hack I’ve thrown together. Kind of an intellectual exercise that people seem to enjoy. Anyhoo, this post is just to remind people that it’s a work in progress, so every day or so, something (either more points or a feature or two) is added. The most recent additions would be non-London locations: Brighton and Leeds (Stockholm is coming soon!). So hop over to the map if you wanna see how things lay out and play around with it!

Matt’s Life in Map Form

3 Responses to “The Map! It improves!!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Are Brighton and Leeds on the map….I moved it around but didn’t see them (actually, I don’t know in what direction they are, either!)

    After living in London for 3 months, would you prefer to live in any other section?

  2. matt Says:

    Wait, what happens when you click on the link for each one? there should be markers and stuff.

  3. Mom Says:

    My bad – I didn’t go to the right place.

    The map works great!!!