Matt’s World In Google Maps Form

Maybe you’ve seen some websites which use google maps to have a little more interactive feel to it. Well, I got an idea to jump on the bandwagon last night and whipped together a page that takes some of the places I’ve been and puts it into a map that you can click on and see pictures related to the location. It’s a work in progress and is only for a fraction of the places I’ve been (no restaurants yet and some sights haven’t been added either) and it’s only for London, but I think, as I add entries to this, I’ll also add it to the map to get some perspective of where I’ve been. Check it out and give me some feedback:

Matt’s Interactive Map


8 Responses to “Matt’s World In Google Maps Form”

  1. lady di......(na) Says:

    I LIKE MAP. you should put it somewhere on your blog where we can refer back to it often, because obviously you will be updating it all the time. how exciting that you found a banksy! gee, isn’t london fun. today, i encountered three gorillas on the seafront and discovered that it’s very difficult to tell if a gorilla is friendly or not, even when one of them is attired in a pink tutu. they all have that same menacing face. fortunately, they didn’t eat me; we just waved at each other. the end.

  2. matt Says:

    Thanks! I am a fan of the map. It’s a different way to look at this whole adventure that I think is good. It provides some more perspective. I’ve actually got a cool function to filter by type. So if you only want to see the sights I’ve visited, you click something and the other dots go away. It’s working on my laptop, but I want to sort take the template javascript I borrowed from google and make it more modular so it runs better. Hopefully, the changed, more robust one will be in place tomorrow sometime. I also want to figure out a cool way to easily hop from a London-centric view to, say a Brighton-centric or Stockholm-centric view with one simple click. But that’s further down the road.

    The link for the map will end up on the right-hand side of things soon!

  3. melissa k. Says:

    okay, i didn’t understand half of what that comment above me says but…me like mappy.

  4. Mom Says:

    Hmmmm. I thought I posted this earlier….

    Anyway….Glad to see a picture of your office – which floor do you work on?

  5. matt Says:

    The one near Old Street we’re on the 2nd (or in your country 3rd) floor. In Canary Wharf, we’re on the 8th (or 9th if you’re in the US) floor. 🙂

  6. Mom Says:

    So the ground floor in England is 2? And the basement is 1?

  7. matt Says:

    Let’s get this straightened out. Ground floor (UK) == 1st floor (US). 1st floor (UK) == 2nd floor (US). Ground floor in the UK (and pretty much the rest of the world) can also be shown as floor 0 as well. So I live on the 1st floor of my building, but in your twisted world, it’s the 2nd floor 🙂

    Unless my counting is totally off!

  8. Mom Says:

    MY twisted world? Oh, right, the English were here first! Or is that the English were here ground?