An English Football Match in Video

After Carolyn took those excellent videos of our Napoli football match (see here, here or here), I realized I wanted to try to capture some of the spirit of my English football experience as well after going to an Arsenal vs Fulham match (Arsenal won 3-1). Alas, my camera isn’t as good, but here’s my attempt. This is right after Arsenal scored the second goal. After my initial celebration, I realized it was a great chance to get some of the fun going on so I managed to capture the tail end of the celebrating — at least in the stands. There’s a guy to my right who was really into it.

Hope you enjoy!

5 Responses to “An English Football Match in Video”

  1. anne Says:

    So did the Arsenal win? Who were they playing?

  2. matt Says:

    Interesting. All that energy into writing a long rambling post and I only alluded to the teams and the score. Well, I’ve changed that. And for those of you reading this comment, it was Arsenal vs Fulham. Arsenal won 3-1.

  3. Mom Says:

    And where were the Fulham fans sitting?

  4. matt Says:

    The were in the section directly across from me in black. The rest of stadium (more so that in the pictures) were all in red.

  5. Mom Says:

    Pardon my ignorance about this sport/the teams…but I take it, therefore, that Fulham were the visitors?