Good luck Carolyn!!!

**Update** She finished in 4:27 in extremely bad conditions. Congrats Carolyn!!!!!!!!!!

In about 7 hours, Carolyn will be running the Boston Marathon. For those of you unaware, she has raised almost $5000 for Cancer research as well as training for the run. I’m very sad I’m unable to be in Boston to cheer her on, Nor’easter or not, so I’m sending her lots of good vibes all day and will be tracking her online (she’s bib #20221). If you’re in Boston, go out and brave the cold and cheer her and all the other crazy runner on. AND, if you haven’t donated, do it now! 🙂

Good luck Carolyn!!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Good luck Carolyn!!!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Yea Carolyn!!! Great job, we’re all very proud of your run and your fund raising for such a good cause!


    Marsha and Peter

  2. anne Says:

    Yay! Go Carolyn! I wouldn’t want to walk that far in those kinds of conditions, nevermind run!