An American/British Hybrid

The last time I was in London, Carolyn and I met up with Dina and Adrian. It was only for a night, and we failed miserably in finding some good pubs as, by the time we finished dinner, everything was shutting down. This time, around, Adrian came up and we got a good and early start. Adrian had researched some pubs that had that classy, uniquely British look in the Westminster area, so I met up with him for fun and games.

We hit maybe 6 pubs, all but one being winners. Some great old glasswork and lighting that had a nice cozy feel to it. And of course, lots of tasty beer. Now, being the responsible people that we are, after pub #2, we realized we needed food to line our stomachs, lest we regret it in the morning. Unfortunately, we were in the Oxford/Piccadilly Circus area. As we found, aside from a number of old school pubs, it’s basically shopping and lunch. As we were really looking for pubs and not food, we just wanted something simple to eat and move on. Alas, this “something” became Burger King. Everything else was closed and pubs apparently don’t serve food on Friday nights (heaven forbid people might wanna have some food whilst drinking!). So here I am, admitting to eating American fast food AND in Piccadilly Circus of all places!!

But I’m not ashamed because it was in the purpose of drinking good English beer in cool pubs. So I hereby claim no guilt for my eating shitty English food! 🙂

The evening ended remembering that England shuts down early. We got back to my hotel’s area around 11:30 and all the nice pubs were locking their doors! Yikes. So we ended up at a more standard bar type place which announced last call 2 minutes later. And finally, we finished the night at the hotel bar drinking highly over-priced cider.

Burger King and things shutting down early aside, twas a fun night for all. Today, Dina comes into town and I hopefully find some more estate agents. The apartment looking on Friday was a good start, but I need to see a whole lot more. I’ll be seeing more with that estate agent on Monday. But I need more more more! 🙂

One Response to “An American/British Hybrid”

  1. Mom Says:

    You always were a demanding child…more more MORE!!

    So tell us what you’ve seen in the way of English abodes so far.