A Way to Navigate London

So, a move from Chicago to London is going to be different in many ways. One of them is navigation. Chicago has to be one of the easiest cities to get around. They have a simple grid system, almost all the streets are straight and in 90 degree angles and they have a numbering system to determine where you are. London, by contrast, appears to be a mess of narrow winding streets with little logic to it. Anyways, I was pointed to a fun link that has listings of a shit ton of pubs in the city and you can search by tube stops. So let me begin my pub exploration and navigation of the city by a list of pubs near my future office. I’ll be working near the Old Street tube stop (postal code EC1Y 1HQ).

One Response to “A Way to Navigate London”

  1. Mom Says:

    MATT! 3500 (plus) pubs within 10 miles of your office. I like The Old Fountain as it looks very typically English. I’ll start there…when I visit sometime in April! Only 3,499 pubs left to check out.