Summer Storms

August 22nd, 2011 by matt

So, in the spirit of slowly waking up the blog and keeping in the theme of summer, let’s take a look at a little day trip we took. Our friends, Kara and Jim, have a lovely house in New Buffalo, the first town in Michigan when you come from Indiana. We wanted a little day out of the city, so we hopped Amtrak and spent a wonderful day by the sea—I mean lake. We had a couple of hours of warmth and sunshine, but there were storms afoot. Normally, being on the west side of Lake Michigan, we don’t get the bestest of views of our impending doom. On the east side, you end up sitting in bright sunshine until you see this coming:

Woah! That is a storm. The winds started to pick up, the black clouds swallowed the sky and then a big gust of cold air hit us as we were getting to the car and back to shelter. In the meantime, the wind was whipping the sand around and, let me tell you, that stuff hurts!

Anyway, we made the most of the weather and, even with some rain, had a wonderful time across the lake.

Summer Days…

August 22nd, 2011 by matt

The blogs not dead, just resting its eyes. And enjoying the summer! 🙂

Welcome to my blog!

January 1st, 2007 by matt

I’m in the process of some exciting things. Keep your eyes on this site as things become official and I can out and talk about everything and start sharing with the world a little more 🙂